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The LARG Education Committee plans to hold a series of 8 classes plus a testing date for the Technician Class Amateur Radio License starting on September 14, 2017. These classes will give students the information needed to be able to pass the Technician Class license test, plus additional information about Amateur Radio culture, operating practices, what to consider when setting up your first station, and making that first contact with another Radio Amateur. Additional information will be provided discussing what you need to do to upgrade your license to next levels -- General Class and then Extra Class. Registration for the class will begin in mid-summer. More details will be posted on this site prior to the beginning of registration. If you have any questions, contact the committee at


Can't wait until the Fall to get your Technician license? Or, do you want to upgrade your license class? This Spring we will assist you in your efforts to obtain your Technician License or upgrade to the General or Extra Class License if you are willing to "self-study" for the license class you are seeking. To participate, please contact/register now with the Education Committee ( and buy the License Manual for the class of license you are pursuing from the ARRL and begin studying on or about 1 April 2017. While this self-study option is primarily for LARG club members, any interested party may contact the Education Committee. There will be a review session held on Saturday 6 May for each of the license classes, as needed. You will be asked to bring questions about things you need more information about to the review session where seasoned hams will be able to provide explanations. Testing for your license class will be held one week later on Saturday 13 May 2017 (there is a fee associated with any testing: ~$15). In the week between the review and the testing session, help will be available from "Elmers" (ham radio jargon for "mentors"), assigned to you, for any questions that you may have while continuing your own review up to the testing date.


Additionally, should you have technical questions for which you would like assistance before the May 6th review session, email them to with the subject “Exam Question” and we will do our best to answer them in advance.  It would be of considerable help to us if you will provide as much context as possible to help explain your question.


In addition to studying with your License Manual, there are free sample tests available on-line to help you prepare for your test. The URLs for some of them are listed below without any preference for quality or completeness or explanation of what might be the correct answer to any particular question:


If you use one of these sites now or have used one or more of them in the past, please let us know which ones you like the best. Also, if you know of other sites that you like and they are not listed here, please let us know. Email us at and we will add them.