Welcome to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group web site!

LARG’s mission is to promote amateur radio communications through education, radio activities, and support of emergency communications in Loudoun County.

LARG 2023 Objectives are:

  1. Share the passion, knowledge, skills and resources of ham radio.
  2. Encourage learning and experimentation.
  3. Provide opportunities and activities to explore, test and use ham radio.
  4. Have a good time.

We are an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated club where many of our members support the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) of Loudoun County.


Thursday SSB Net Report 13 JUN 2Ø24

Thursday SSB Net 13 JUN 2Ø24 Open 14/ØØØØZ on 3675 KHzListen on 3811 KHz for General class opsQNIKE4S Dave +15K3WD Bill +5WB4ACC John +5KØZR Jeff +25N4PD Paul +20W5ODJ John +15K8SYH Bill, Net Control +15Closed ØØ34Z Open ØØ36 on 28.4Ø5 MHzQNIKE4S DaveK3WD Bill S9KØZR Jeff +10W5ODJ John, Net Control +20Closed ØØ44Z

Thursday SSB Net Report – 6 JUN 2Ø24

Thursday SSB Net 6 JUN 2Ø24 Open Ø7/ØØØØZ on 3675 KHzListen on 3811 KHz for General class opsQNIWB4ACC John, Waynesboro, VA S7N4CF Mike, Mineral, VA, +1ØK8SYH Bill, +5KG4UPR/M Bryan, S8KE4S Dave, +1ØN4PD Paul, +2ØKØZR Jeff, Net Control, +15Closed ØØ3ØZ Open ØØ32 on 28.4Ø5 MHzQNIKE4S Dave S8KØZR Jeff, Net Control S8Closed ØØ39Z