Field Day 2018 Satellite Operations – KS1G

The results are in: K4LRG took the #3 slot for satellite operations in this years Field Day!

Our very own Stephen Greene, KS1G, was captain for the satellite operations this year. Steve was “all in” this year as he reached for the number 1 slot in satellite operations. It was clear well before he arrived on the field day site that he had done his homework and was planning on making contacts at every available satellite pass in the 24 hours we are given to make these contacts.

When Steve contacted me by e-mail I could sense his excitement that he had placed so high in the list. He knows the competitive landscape and knew there would be a set of stairs to climb to get to the top slots.

Here are the official standings for the top 10 satellite operations for this year (Call, class and # of contacts):

  • W0GQ 2A 199
  • K6MMM 3A 80
  • K4LRG 5A 63
  • W6PA 2A 56
  • K4LKL 4A 52
  • W4MLB 2F 35
  • N4O 3A 35
  • N8HM 1B 30 1st Home
  • KB6LTY 1E 29
  • K6FW 1D 28

Some of Steve’s comments reflecting on the satellite operations this year:

“We worked most of the top stations (missed W6PA, KB6LTY ).  Side comment on W0GQ – he did make 199 QSOs, was everywhere you could work someone.  AND logging by hand.  I exchanged emails afterwards when I guessed who their satellite op was (AC0RA) – he was on all 13 satellites (out of the 15 satellites available) that supported SSB or FM voice QSOs.  Incredible!”

“I’m not surprised W0GQ did so well – Wyatt, AC0RA, must have been on EVERY satellite and pass.  I worked him 7 times on 6 birds!  After FD, I figured out he was the W0GQ op and emailed him asking if there was a satellite we didn’t work on (Several – he logged contacts on 13 different satellites! The only ones he missed from what was available were ISS and LO-90.  He should get the Worked All AMSAT Voice award!).  Paul N8HM was our 1st satellite QSO and had a great signal as always and makes up in skill what his station lacks in punch.    Checking my log, I see we also worked K6MMM and K4LKL (3 times) and several of the stations that reported AMSAT FD scores.  We had a great time, and I appreciate the words and images published about our operation.  Looking forward to 2018!”

Clearly there are some serious satellite operators out there. It’s good to see that Steve is taking notes and getting ready for future Field Days!

If you want to read the AMSAT publication highlighting K4LRG accomplishments in Field Day 2017 you can read this PDF which is copied and used by permission from AMSAT.  This article is copyrighted. “Copyright 2017, Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT-NA), used by permission.” Please do not reproduce without permission of AMSAT.

Update June 13, 2018: Recently Steve gave hosted a discussion where he talked about all things satellite. He had a very detailed presentation which is provided here in either PDF or PowerPoint format.

Story by John Westerman, W5ODJ. For changes, corrections, omissions and the like please send an e-mail to [email protected].