2M Net Rep 11-1-2020

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • N0JSD John Alt Net Ctl
  • WB2UNA John
  • K2BFY Henry
  • N4PDY Mike
  • W3VAR Chuck
  • AB3KC Collins
  • K3WD Bill
  • W4HCP Tom
  • KI4AD Evan Net Ctl

Kudos to N4PDY and the LARG Education Committee for graduating another class of Technicians! Steady winds of 20 MPH gusting to 50 MPH were a good test of antenna stability. The net was secured at 8:46. 73 & Thanks to all who checked in, hope to hear you next week!

2M Net Rep 11-22-2020

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local on 14531 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • W4PSO Marc Mobile Ashburn
  • K5KVX Ray Aldie
  • K2BFY Henry Sterling
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • K0ZR Jeff Purcellville
  • KD4NYX Wendy Leesburg
  • KD4HAX Joe Leesburg
  • W5ODJ John Lovettsville
  • KD4BK Barry Sterling
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn Net Ctl

Discussions included the excellent presentation at the last LARG meeting by Bob Heil of Heil Sound, what we’re having for Thanksgiving dinner, and to make sure and get your dues in by Jan 1, 2021. The net was secured at 8:50. 73 & Happy Thanksgiving!

2M Net Rep 11-15-2020

The net was convened at 8:30 PM Local.  Check Ins:

  • W4PSO       Marc     Net Cntl            Ashburn
  • K2BFY         Henry    Alt Net Cntl    Sterling
  • N4PDY        Mike      Sterling
  • AK2M          Kevin     Great Falls
  • KN4HOZ   Steve     Potomac Falls
  • AB3KC      Collins   Waterford
  • W3VAR    Chuck    Landsdown
  • KI4AD        Evan      Ashburn
  • WA3UEA  Lukas   Arlington
  • W5ODJ      John     Lovetsville
  • Gavin         (W4PSO Cntl Op)

There was general discussion of the historic SpaceX Crew-1 launch.  N4PDY announced that there would be a special guest presenting at the next LARG meeting.  Bob Heil, of Heil Sound, will discuss microphones.  AK2M demonstrated the Icom 750 to Boy Scouts.  There will be no LARG Holiday Party next month, but there will be a LARG monthly meeting.   The net was secured at 9:02 local.

W2YE Shack Sale

The following are for sale from SK LARG Member Dick’s (W2YE) estate:

Manufacturer    Model    Description
ICOM       IC-706 MK II G    HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver
ICOM       IC-756PRO III    HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver
ICOM       IC-756    HF/50MHz All Band Transceiver
Alpha`       ETO 91B     HF Linear Amplifier
ICOM       IC-7600    HF/50MHz Transceiver
Hallicrafters    S-85  Receiver
National    NC300    Shortwave receiver
Viking       Valiant II Transmitter  
Emtron       DX-3    HF Linear Amplifier
Heathkit     SB-1000    Linear Amplified
Heathkit     SB-200    Linear Amplifier
Coax Cable    Free! Lengths to 150′. Andrew 1/2″ heliax, LMR400, RG-213U

Contact Col Miller gormil@aol.com

Net Report – Thursday HF SSB 12 NOV 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 13NOV 2020 Open 0100Z
Listening 3816 KHz for General class ops to check-in
K8SYH Bill
K3WD Bill
W5ODJ John
W0MPM John
KE4S Dave, Net Control
Conditions much better tonight than the Tuesday CW net.
Closed 0121Z

10m – on 28.405 MHz open 0122Z
W5ODJ John
W0MPM Gracie (with John)
K3WD Bill
KE4S Dave, NCS
John MPM had some help for this one.
Closed 0128Z

Tuesday Slow CW Net 10 NOV 2020

Check-ins tonight from Bill K8SYH, Jeff K0ZR, Dave KE4S, Chris KT9N, and a welcome to new member Brian W1FOX. Conditions not very good tonight so we chatted briefly about the CW Sweepstakes contest over the weekend and closed down. Please join us next week – the low bands should be improving in the coming weeks.

Tuesday Slow CW Net Oct 27, 2020

A nice 30 minute rag chew this evening with Bill K8SYH, Dave KE4S, Jeff K0ZR, and Rick N1RM. We would like to invite others to join us each Tuesday evening at 8:00PM on 3545 KHz (+/- QRM) and we will operate at the slowest speed needed.

2M Net Rep 10-25-2020

The net was convened at 8:30 local on 145.31 PL 77.

Check Ins:

  • W4PSO Marc *Control Op for the following:
  • Tess
  • Reese
  • Grace
  • Gavin
  • KS1G Steve
  • W0MPM John
  • W3VAR Chuck
  • AB3KC Collins
  • KI4AD Evan
  • KN4HOZ Steve
  • K4AIU Doug
  • KC5CG Gump
  • K2BFY Henry Net Ctl

KS1G discussed new equipment on ARISS. W0MPM said that he has much good stuff for sale, needs to clean up the shack. The net was secured at 8:58 PM local.

Net Report – Thursday SSB Net 22 Oct 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 23 OCT 2020 Open 0000Z
Listening 3834 KHz for General class ops to check-in
KE4S Dave
K0ZR Jeff
K3WD Bill
N4PD Paul
W0MPM John
N0JSD John
K8SYH Bill, Net Control
Closed 0030Z

10m – on 28.405 MHz open 0031Z
W0MPM John
N0JSD John
N4PD Paul
Dave KE4S, NCS
Closed 0040Z

Net Report Thursday SSB 15 Oct 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 16 OCT 2020 Open 0000Z
Listening 3816 KHz for General class ops to check-in
KE4S Dave
N1RM Rick
K8SYH Bill
W0MPM John
K3WD Bill
W4PMP Chris
N4PD Paul
K0ZR Jeff, Net Control
Closed 0025Z

10m – on 28.405 MHz open 0027Z
KE4S Dave
N1RM Rick
W0MPM John
K0ZR Jeff, NCS
Closed 0040Z