Sun 2 Meter Net Rpt 5-31-2020

  • KQ4CI Evan Ashburn Handheld Net Control
  • W4PSO Marc Ashburn Alternate Net with Gavin
  • N3NAT Nathan Sterling Handheld
  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • N4PDY Mike Sterling
  • K2BFY Henry Sterling Net Manager
  • W0MPM John Leesburg
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • K0ZR Jeff Purcellville
  • KC4RCR Rousseau Manassas Mobile
  • KO4DUX John Ashburn Handheld

Gavin joined Uncle Marc on the net. Congrats to Nathan for his new cool vanity call, N3NAT. In light of the flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, much interesting information was exchanged on the experiences of the group with various launches. Congrats to Jeff on his excellent CW contest performance! The net was secured at 9:04 PM Local. Thanks to all who participated, and we look forward to hearing you all on the air again. 73 KQ4CI

LARG Thursday Night HF Net

We had 9 people check in to the net tonight:

  • W5ODJ, John (NCS)
  • K0ZR, Jeff
  • KE4S, Dave
  • K3WD, Bill
  • KG4UPR, Bryan (Delaware)
  • W0MPM, John
  • N4PD, Paul
  • W4PMP, Chris
  • N4CF, Mike (Louisa)

It was nice to hear everyone on the air tonight. 80 was in decent shape. Signals were strong ranging from S9 to +35 at my QTH.

WPXCW Contest this weekend.

SpaceX will launch again on Saturday:


Date: Saturday, May 30
Time: 3:22 p.m. Eastern
TV: Various networks
Stream: NASA, SpaceX

WX is improving for the next 7 days. Hopefully everyone can get out and enjoy the springtime weather.

Stay safe. Be vigilant.



Sun 5-24-2020 2 M Net Log

  • W4PSO Marc Ashburn Net Cntl
  • K3PTC Pat Appalachian Trail
  • AK2M Kevin Herndon
  • KQ4CI Evan Ashburn
  • N4PDY Mike Sterling
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • KB3TSE Kurt Bluemont
  • W0MPM John Leesburg

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local. Pat K3PTC related his fun hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail on his handy from the Garvey shelter, where he was staying for the night. Kevin AK2M discussed a video he was making for VDF, and that he’d share it if possible. The net was secured at 8:55 local by Gavin. Note: 77 Hz tone is used on the input, and is also on the output of 145.31. If you turn it on for your receive as well as transmit, you can get cleaner reception.

Wednesday Night 6-Meter SSB Net, 20 May 2020

Opened the net on 50.130 MHz at 2000 and closed at 2030. We had three check-ins: W5ODJ (John), W4PSO Marc and myself. The discussions tonight focused on potential Field Day Participation and life in general. Make sure you stop by on Wednesday Nights to make sure your rigs still work on 6 meters and say “Hello!”


Chris, W4PMP

Wednesday Night 6-Meter SSB Net, 13 May 2020

Opened the net on 50.130 MHz at 2000 and closed at 2030. We had three check-ins: N4PD (Paul), W4PSO Marc and myself. The discussions tonight focused on shack issues and experiences trying to keep them working properly. Make sure you stop by on Wednesday Nights to make sure your rigs still work on 6 meters and say “Hello!”


Chris, W4PMP

LARG HF Digital Watering Hole Report.

We meet every Sunday evening from 19:30 to 20:00 local time at 7.07325 MHz in the summer months. Tonight there were not LARG members on the net however there were 4 other checkins + me:

  1. KC4ZGP
  2. NR4A
  3. NQ1W
  4. VE3ZU
  5. W5ODJ

The net continued for over an hour well into the 2m net. Nothing formal to report on this net. It was nice creating a flow from random checkins from around the country.

Hope to see you on the digital net one day soon.



May Virtual Meeting Reminder 05-16-2020 0830

Just a reminder that our scheduled meeting for May will be held this Saturday, May 16th at 0830. This meeting will be hosted virtually. Please check your e-mail for the meeting link.

We look forwarded to you joining us then.

2M Net Report 5-10-2020

Check Ins:

  • AB3KC Collins Net Control
  • KQ4CI Evan Alt Net RCO
  • KO4DHC Nathan
  • N4PDY Mike
  • K2BFY Henry
  • AI4ID Sean
  • W4PSO Marc & Gavin
  • K0ZR Jeff

Good topics of conversation. It was great to hear Gavin on, we look forward to him getting his ticket. Gavin requested and received info on ARISS. Jeff gave good update on CW contesting. Net was secured at 9:02 PM local. 73

Thursday SSB Net Report May 7, 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 08MAY 2020 Open 0100Z
Listening 3816 KHz for General class ops to check-in
K8SYH Bill
K0ZR Jeff
N4PD Paul
K3WD Bill
W5ODJ John
W4PMP Chris
KE4S Dave net control

A nice discussion of the weekend QSO parties as well
as ongoing projects for several of us. Conditions good
tonight with coverage from Delaware to Florida. Please
join us next week.
Closed 0132Z

10m – on 28.405 MHz open 0134Z
K0ZR Jeff
KE4S Dave
N4PD Paul
Closed 0147Z

2M Net Report 5-3-2020

Check Ins:

  • AK2M Kevin Herndon
  • K2BFY Henry Sterling
  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • KC4RCR Rousseu Front Royal
  • AI4ID Sean Leesburg
  • KD4HAX Joe Leesburg
  • K4AIU Doug Chantilly
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • KN4BHN Chris Aldee
  • K9CQB Damon Leesburg
  • W5ODJ John Lovettsville
  • W0GBG Brian Bluemont
  • KO4DDA Paul Ashburn
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • K4JB Jim Ashburn
  • KQ4CI Evan Ashburn Alt Net Cntl, Rptr Cntl Op
  • W4PSO Marc Ashburn Net Control

It was a superbly directed, fun, and well attended net tonight. K2BFY submitted proof that the “Earth is Flat” proponents are wrong. If correct, cats would have knocked everything off the edge. Proper location for additional grounding rods was discussed. We have possible volunteers to re-institute the LARG balloon flights, which will be discussed with management. One ham was operating from his basement without outside antenna, which was a good idea considering the lightning storms passing through. The net was secured at 9:09 PM local.