Phone Dialog

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Net Control Statements for all club NETS

If you are performing NCS duties you may consider using this dialog to open and close each net. This is only a guideline. If you have your own dialog feel free to use what works for you.


Listen to frequency for 10 minutes

5 minutes before Net – “This is (your call and name) Net Control Station for tonight’s meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group. Is there anyone who needs to use this frequency for any business before the NET (time here) start?”

At the designated net start time:

“This is (your call and name) Net Control Station for tonight’s meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (insert net name here) NET.”

For the 2 meter NET:

“We thank the Dulles Radio for the use of their Repeater 145.310 (77hz PL tone) on odd numbered months and Dave– WA4TXE for the use of his repeater 146.700 (no PL) on even numbered months.”

“If for some reason the designated repeater is down check the other one.”

“If both repeaters are down go to 147.48 (no PL) SIMPLEX and be prepared to relay reports between each other.”

For NET other than 2 meters:

“We will take two rounds of comments but no formal traffic is taken or passed.”

“Any amateur is welcomed to join us.”

“When checking in please give your call and first name.”

“My call is (your call). My name is (your name).”

“Check-ins please call now.”


“Thanks to all that checked in tonight.”

for 2 meters:

“Thanks to the Dulles Radio for the use of their Repeater” -OR-

“Thanks to Dave WA4TXE for the use of his Repeater.”

Normal dialog:

“For those that would like more information about Loudoun Amateur Radio Group you can go to our web site at”

“Have a good week and we will look for all of you on the commuter net.”

“We now will turn this frequency back to normal amateur operations. 73 to everyone!”

“The net is now closed.”

NCS notes and reporting

Each NET will have it’s checkins. There will be times, although rare, that no one will check in to a net you are running and that is OK.  If you are NCS keep the notes that are important to you like FCC call sign, first name and maybe a note or two about the informal traffic that was mentioned during the net.

When you are done with the net put an e-mail together with your notes from the net and send them to everyone via the e-mail reflector (members AT