LARG Vice President

Steve Greene- KS1G

KS1G here.  I think I joined LARG around the mid 2000s.  1st licensed as a Novice while in high school in NJ, upgraded to General, and then Advanced (back when you had to go to the FCC office, on Houston St, NYC in my case), and finally Extra Class (Laurel VEC) in 2001.  Thought I’d keep my old call (KA1LM) forever, but that idea lasted a few days after passing the Extra exam!  Radio interests include HF digital (easier with the neighborhood RFI), QRP/portable, staying under my HOA’s radar, and especially operating satellites. I’ve been the satellite station captain for numerous LARG Field Days, and encourage anyone interested to pursue this unusual slice of the ham radio experience.  As LARG Vice President, I am always looking for club members and other amateur radio ops to speak at club meetings and share the many aspects of this great hobby and service.  73s  

You can reach the LARG Vice President by e-mail here.