John Brown, W0MPM

Latest shack is FlexRadio 6400, Flex PowerGenius, Flex TunerGenius operated via Apple MacMini M1 and two LG 24″ 4K monitors. Vernerable Mosley TA-33 tri-band with 12/17 dipole add on and a 40/80 full-size dipole. 

First licensed as WN0GYF about 1962. Like many I fell out and back into radio over the years most recently the 80s as KC3BM and now W0MPM. About 2014ish my brother N0FY and I were resting with a hotdog talking at the Dayton Hamfest at the Hara Arena when an old guy, Frank K0BRA (sk), nearby hearing I was from Leesburg spoke up and advised there was a ham radio club in that very spot. Found the monthly meeting and rediscovered several old friends! Retired now and just like my Dad said this is the best hobby of any because you can’t get too old long as you can talk or tap a key or I guess now-days a keyboard. Speaking of my Dad. W0MPM was issued to him sometime in 1952. I probably first made a required identification using W0MPM around 1955. Sitting on his lap. If you’re interested check out my QRZ page. Copies of the paperwork for KR6BR from 1949 in occupied Okinawa and some pictures of operating positions past.

You can reach the LARG treasurer by e-mail here.