LARG Board of Directors

The purpose of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Board of Directors is to ensure the continuity and health of the club. The Board will work with the currently elected club leadership and participate in decisions about club activities. The Board will ensure that the elected officers lead the club in a way that maintains LARG’s hard-won reputation in the ham community and the community at large. The Board will ensure that the club remains financially healthy. The Board shall ensure that the club remains committed to public service, amateur education, and the development of the skills of its membership.

The current seated board includes:

  • Chris Brown, W4PMP
  • Paul Dluehosh, N4PD
  • Bill Daniels, K3WD
  • John Brown, W0PMP
  • Dave Bolston, WA4TXE
  • Jim Stowers, K4FW

The current board’s commission runs through January 20, 2025.  

As provided for in the constitution, anyone eligible and nominated to the Board shall prepare a resume documenting their qualifications that meet those guidelines. The resumes will be posted here and copies will be made available at the meeting where the election takes place. To be elected to the Board, the candidate must receive a 2/3 majority vote of the members attending the meeting where an election takes place.

If you are a LARG member and do not have the credentials for the member only area, please contact us so the necessary login information can be provided to you.