Board of Directors Nominees – CY 2024 Election

At the end of December 2023, Chris Fristad, KT9N and John Westerman, W5ODJ both stepped down from the BOD. Chris Brown, W4PMP and Paul Dluehosh, N4PD chose to serve another term. The sitting Board reviewed and accepted the qualifications for each of the following members:

  • Dave Bolston, WA4TXE
  • John Brown, W0MPM
  • Bill Daniels, K3WD

Resumes for each candidate are stored in the member only section. If you are a LARG member and do not have the credentials for the member only area please, contact us so we can provide that to you.

The vote took place during the February 24 Meeting, all were accepted by the club membership.

09 Mar 2024: Received an additional resume for Jim Stowers, K4FW. Resume is posted, BOD will review.

Only current members (at the time of election) are eligible to vote. In accordance with our Constitution and Bylaws, we must have a minimum of four Directors. A 2/3 majority of members voting was required to elect each nominee to the Board of Directors.