2 Meter Net 9/22/2019

Net started at regular time and ended at 20:54. We had 9 check-ins and are followed.

AK2M Kevin

KM4BBC Chuck

N4PDY Mike


W0MPM John

W0DZL Kevin

KQ4CI Evan


N0JSD John (NCS and NM)

Have a great night everybody.

73 de N0JSD

6/23/2019 2M Net Report

Good Evening.

Net started at 20:35 and ended at 20:40. Check-ins are as follows.


WA4TXE, Dave

K4FW, Jim

N0JSD, John (NCS and NM)

Have a great week!

John, N0JSD

FD19 (In my eyes).

Field Day has been a journey! I made a lot of contacts, and some new skills. I operated from two places this year. The first location I operated from was the Clarke County Fairgrounds with SVARC (W4RKC). I operated CW and SSB with them. I recorded one of the contacts and it can be found here.

I also operated from the shack. I operated SSB and CW also here. Funny enough, John, W5ODJ is in my log. I also recorded a contact here, but I guess it did not record. I’ll just keep it here, because I do not know how to remove videos.

At the end of the day, I think Field Day has been a good turnout for me this year. I hope it will be great again next year!

73’s and good afternoon.


Sunday Night 2M Net Report

Net started at 20:30 and ended at 21:00. Check-ins are as followed.

  • KQ4CI Evan
  • K2BFY Henry
  • N4PDY Mike
  • W3HDB Dan
  • KG4TIH Paulson
  • W4PMP Chris
  • KK4TNO Chaz
  • KN4PIZ Patrick
  • KJ4B
  • W5ODJ John
  • N0JSD John (NCS)

Have a good night.

John, N0JSD