2M Net 3-28-2021

Net was held 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • K2BFY Henry Sterling Net Mgr/Cnt
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn Alt Net Cnt
  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • N4PDY Mike Sterling Pres
  • W3HDB Dan Bethesda
  • K9CQB Damon Leesburg
  • KO4MBI Eric Leesburg
  • KM4HRR Brendan Reston Dir NVFMA
  • KG7KQN Nick

WB2UNA reported 20M contacts on new antenna. N4PDY reported successful vaccinations for himself and wife. Thanks to W3HDB for coming in from Bethesda MD. KM4HRR confirmed 77 Hz tone for NVFMA, and 110.9 Hz for VWS. The Net was secured at 8:50. 73

2 Meter Net 9/22/2019

Net started at regular time and ended at 20:54. We had 9 check-ins and are followed.

AK2M Kevin

KM4BBC Chuck

N4PDY Mike


W0MPM John

W0DZL Kevin

KQ4CI Evan


N0JSD John (NCS and NM)

Have a great night everybody.

73 de N0JSD

6/23/2019 2M Net Report

Good Evening.

Net started at 20:35 and ended at 20:40. Check-ins are as follows.


WA4TXE, Dave

K4FW, Jim

N0JSD, John (NCS and NM)

Have a great week!

John, N0JSD

FD19 (In my eyes).

Field Day has been a journey! I made a lot of contacts, and some new skills. I operated from two places this year. The first location I operated from was the Clarke County Fairgrounds with SVARC (W4RKC). I operated CW and SSB with them. I recorded one of the contacts and it can be found here.

I also operated from the shack. I operated SSB and CW also here. Funny enough, John, W5ODJ is in my log. I also recorded a contact here, but I guess it did not record. I’ll just keep it here, because I do not know how to remove videos.

At the end of the day, I think Field Day has been a good turnout for me this year. I hope it will be great again next year!

73’s and good afternoon.


Sunday Night 2M Net Report

Net started at 20:30 and ended at 21:00. Check-ins are as followed.

  • KQ4CI Evan
  • K2BFY Henry
  • N4PDY Mike
  • W3HDB Dan
  • KG4TIH Paulson
  • W4PMP Chris
  • KK4TNO Chaz
  • KN4PIZ Patrick
  • KJ4B
  • W5ODJ John
  • N0JSD John (NCS)

Have a good night.

John, N0JSD