I finally made it happen.

Yesterday I was able to make my first satellite contact. I documented my experience here. If you want to check out my experience go check out my story.

Thanks for Steve, KS1G, for all the help over the years. It takes some of us longer than others to learn stuff like this! 🙂

It was good fun. I highly recommend the effort.



2m Net report for April 21, 2019

This is the post-net report for the most famous Sunday Night Net held by the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group on 2-Meters FM. Tonight the net was held on the WA4TXE/R 146.700 MHz (-) (no PL tone). W5ODJ (John) was NCS for the evening.

Those who checked in were:

  • WB2UNA, John
  • N4PDY, Mike
  • KG4UPR, Bryan
  • KM4NPK, Nelson
  • W5ODJ, John

it was a family weekend with excellent weather for outdoor activities. Some of us got the chance to dust off a radio and get back on the air. Working hard not to let work get in the way of our fun activities.

The repeater was having some kind of an issue on the input side of things. I had to use high power to get in full quieting. This is something new. The others were having trouble keeping the repeater when transmitting. The net was a bit weird and disjointed but not enough to switch to the standby since there were so few of us.

Digital net report for April 14, 2019.

A net was called at 19:30 local time. Those attending were KG4UPR and W5ODJ (NCS). The conversation was informal mostly about the severe weather in the area at the present time, moving and operating /M in the coming days/months. The net was secured at 19:55.