March 12 2020 HF Net

Good net was enjoyed by those who checked in Thursday evening. Check ins included:

Multiple threads of discussion included participation in the just completed ARRL SSB contest last weekend, CWTs of late, and some antenna comments.

Only stations on 10m included myself and N4PD.

Nets concluded at 0040.

NCS for this week, Jeff, K0ZR

LARG Monthly Meeting 03/14/2020

Good Morning,

Our Monthly LARG meeting will be held as scheduled this Saturday March 14, 2020. If you are not feeling well or are concerned about possible exposure we certainly understand.

We look forward to seeing those who can make it on Saturday.

In order to accommodate anyone who may not be able to make it, I will ATTEMPT to host a free conference call during the meeting.

Dial-in number (US): (425) 436-6383

Access code: 623119#

Online meeting ID: dougscomms

Join the online meeting:

Take Care,


Doug – K4AIU
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group


LARG 2M Net 3-8-2020

The LARG Sunday Night 2M net was convened at 8:30 PM Local.

Check Ins:

  • WB2UNA, John
  • K4JB, Jim
  • N4PDY, Mike
  • W5ODJ, John
  • KQ4CI , Evan

We discussed Spring Forward time, preparations for Spring, the LARG Extra Class exam, and possible site for the best Holiday event, the LARG Holiday party.

73 Evan KQ4CI

Net Report: Thursday SSB Net Mar 4, 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 05MAR 2020 Open 0100Z
Listening 3822 KHz for General class ops to check-in
K3WD Bill +15
K8SYH Bill +15
WoMPM John +20
W5ODJ John +10
KE4S Dave, net control
We discussed our contact efforts with VP8PJ over the past few days. According to their plan, they went QRT as we opened our net.
Closed 0123Z

John W5ODJ called the 10M net on 28.405 MHz with check-in from Chris W4PMP. I was able to join the conversation late, when I figured out a work-around for the poor performance of the G5RV on 10 meters.

Please join us next week at 8:00PM on Thursday. 73 de Dave KE4S

LARG is looking for your help

It was great seeing many of your at our January meeting. Please join me in thanking our 2019 Officers for their dedication and hard work!

The club is looking for your help. We have many talented members who bring to the club vast experience and unique skills.

Please consider getting involved in one of the below important roles that we are currently seeking members to become involved in. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any of the officers.

Youth (STEM) outreach & LARG Public Information Officer

We are also looking for members who may be interested in coordinating these very important events.

• Field Day – Jun 27-28

• Reston Century – late August

• Oktoberfest – Sep 25-26

• Holiday Party – TBD: Dec 5 or 12

Thank you for your consideration and participation in the club.

Doug Coulter, K4AIU

2M Net Report

LARG 2M Net Report for Sunday 3-1-2020

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local.

Check Ins:

KD4PIZ  Patrick  Herndon   Hand Held

KD4NYX  Wendy    Leesburg  Yaesu FTM-400XT

WB2UNA  John     Leesburg  Kenwood

KD4HAX  Joe      Leesburg  Yaesu FTM-400

KQ4CI   Evan     Ashburn       Baofeng UV-5R III Hand Held

We had very interesting discussions of taxes, Beethoven sonata singing, cloud forensics, and SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus).

The net was secured at 8:27 PM local.

For Wendy, Joe, and others, 145.31 is C4FM and analog auto dual mode, so after the social portion of the net is closed next week, feel free to C4FM.

Respectful Best Regards  Evan KQ4CI

2m Net Report; February 23, 2020

We seated the most famous Sunday Night Net held by the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group on 2-Meters FM at 20:30 local time. Tonight was on the WA4TXE/R on 146.700 MHz (no pl).

Check-ins were as follows:

  • W5ODJ, John (NCS)
  • KG4TIH, Paulson
  • KU4FT, Chris
  • K0ZR, Jeff
  • KD4HAX, Joe
  • W4PMP, Chris
  • KO4ANI, Mike
  • N4PD, Paul
  • K4JB, Jim
  • K4MNA, Mitch
  • N4PDY, Mike

Reminder: The Extra class is on Mondays (tomorrow).

Everyone have a great week!



Sunday night digital net report.

As you likely know, we meet every Sunday evening from 19:30 to 20:00 local time for a brief digital net. Anyone is welcome. For all the details on this net you can find it here.

There were two checkins tonight:

  • John, W5ODJ (NCS)
  • Paulson, KG4TIH

We had a nice, hour long, conversation and tested two different bands. It was nice to catch up with Paulson over a digital QSO.



2 Meter net report

We held the 2 meter net tonight (February 16, 2020). There were 6 check-ins:

  • W5ODJ, NCS
  • N4PDY
  • KD4NYX
  • KD4HAX
  • WA4TXE
  • KK4TNO

Mike let us know there are going to be 11 students in this next Extra class training. He let us know that N1RM is mostly organizing this training and that it has gone very well.

Remember that tomorrow is when we meet at Wegmans for lunch. If you are free you might consider joining us.

Thank so all who took the time to test their radio gear. Everyone have a great week.

Thursday SSB Net Report Feb 13 2020

A very short net tonight. Check-in from Jeff KoZR with Dave KE4S as ncs. We chatted briefly about the ARRL International DX CW contest starting tomorrow, and our expectations for our antenna systems in the contest, particularly on the low bands. Please join us next week at 8:00PM on 3675 KHz. We will announce a frequency in the General class portion of the band for check-ins there. 73 de Dave KE4S.