2M Net 9-27-2020

The Net was convened at 8:30 PM local and we kept the repeater humming until 9:08PM.

Check Ins:

WB2UNA, John
AK2M, Kevin
W4PSO, Marc ‘mike’ alpha romeo charlie (hi Gavin)
K3WD, Bill
W4PMP, Chris
KI4AD, Evan
K9CQB, Damon
N4PDY, Mike
W0MPM, John
K2BFY, Henry
KN4HOZ, Steve
AB3KC, Collins NC

What cultural differences have you noted in ham radio from region to region?

Comments… EMCOMs class in Richmond google the JISCC it’s very cool to see; clear your call out west; in Michigan we didn’t ID the other ham on VHF QSOs all that much; Aerated feedlines fixed; English commonly spoken in ham radio and world travels (multiple commenters agreed Asia, Europe, ITU); Air Traffic Control; ARRL band plan East versus West; Ham radio culture is largely courteous and civil; 220 net and 220 ops

Announcements: Technician license class starts tomorrow night; Net control schedule is up to date on the website; 145.31 system is known by KI4AD

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