Sunday 2m Net Report 2021-07-04

The Net was convened 8:30 PM local on Dulles Radio Club repeater KI4AD 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • N4PDY Mike
  • K9CQB Damon
  • W3VAR Chuck
  • W4HCP Tom
  • K3WD Bill
  • AB3KC Collins (Net Control)

Happy July 4th to all!

Club meeting (virtual) 3rd Saturday of July. Leesburg 4th of July parade was today. 13 Colonies special event this week. The K2B special event station is Virginia and some of our members are operating it. The net was closed at 8:46pm. 73

Sunday 2m Net Report 2021-05-30

We had 12 check in to the 8:30pm Sunday net on 145.31 MHz.

KI4AD Evan
N4PDY Mike
KO4NMN Kevin
W3VAR Chuck
K3WD Bill
W4PMP Chris
W6SJ Dave
AB3KC Collins (Net Control)

Monday will be the first in person luncheon at Wegman’s in Leesburg (1130hrs). We discussed the MFJ 849 watt meter; operating digital on 6m; Chuck was looking for help operating satellites; announcement for 6m net on Wednesday; antenna talk; and plans for showing our gratitude on Memorial Day.

Be Safe! Have a great week!

2M Net 2021-05-02

8:30 pm EDT to 9:00 pm EDT on 145.310 MHz.

9 Checkins:

WB6EFW Scott
K3WD Bill
K2BFY Henry
KO4IIT Richard
AB3KC Collins (nc)

Warmer weather and windy storms; Recently licensed hams; K3WD’s antenna is now at 40′; Banshee Reeks hiking; One Loudoun Mysterious closed parking deck; Virginia traffic net morse code roger beeps (n, wx, …); Growing veggies all year round in the hoop garden; Icom 7100; Digital Watering Hole net; SCHEDs: Collins and Bill setup an OLIVIA 8/500 sched for Wed at 8pm on 7.07325 MHz

2M Net March 21, 2021

The net was convened 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

KM4RHW Rick Leesburg
N4PDY Mike Sterling
KI4AD Evan Ashburn
K2BFY Henry Sterling
K9CQB Damon Leesburg
KO4MBI Eric Leesburg
KO4OCN Mike Lansdowne
KO4NMN Kevin Leesburg (+KN4YPC)
W4PSO Marc Ashburn
AB3KC Collins Waterford (net control)

Topics: Vaccination updates; VAQP; New Attendees. The Net was secured 9:01 PM. 73

2m Net 2021-02-14

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • N4PDY Mike
  • K2BFY Henry
  • AD7FW Roy
  • KM4EGM Luke
  • KC5CG Gump
  • K3WD Bill
  • W5ODJ John
  • KD4HAX Joe
  • KN4HOZ Steve
  • AB3KC Collins (net control)

Topics… Covid-19 Vaccinations, One Loudoun Farmer’s Market sausage and fermented pigs, hot coffee, the 10 meter net, new IC-7100 on the air, medical reserve corps. Announcements… Our next monthly meeting is Saturday morning, February 20th, 2021. 

The net was secured at 9pm.

2m Net 2021-01-03

The net was convened at 8:33 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • K9CQB Damon
  • N4PDY Mike
  • W4PSO Marc
  • KI4AD Evan
  • K6PS Paul
  • KN4HOZ Steve
  • W3VAR
  • KJ4NXG Bob
  • AB3KC Collins (net control)

Welcome Paul K6PS back into the hobby. Paul was active in the club in the early years.

Topics… Lessons learned shared on potential damage to radio equipment when transmitting on 60m band. Announcements… Our next monthly meeting is Saturday morning, January 16th, 2021. 

The net was secured at 9pm.

2M Net Rep 11-1-2020

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • N0JSD John Alt Net Ctl
  • WB2UNA John
  • K2BFY Henry
  • N4PDY Mike
  • W3VAR Chuck
  • AB3KC Collins
  • K3WD Bill
  • W4HCP Tom
  • KI4AD Evan Net Ctl

Kudos to N4PDY and the LARG Education Committee for graduating another class of Technicians! Steady winds of 20 MPH gusting to 50 MPH were a good test of antenna stability. The net was secured at 8:46. 73 & Thanks to all who checked in, hope to hear you next week!

2M Net 9-27-2020

The Net was convened at 8:30 PM local and we kept the repeater humming until 9:08PM.

Check Ins:

WB2UNA, John
AK2M, Kevin
W4PSO, Marc ‘mike’ alpha romeo charlie (hi Gavin)
K3WD, Bill
W4PMP, Chris
KI4AD, Evan
K9CQB, Damon
N4PDY, Mike
W0MPM, John
K2BFY, Henry
KN4HOZ, Steve
AB3KC, Collins NC

What cultural differences have you noted in ham radio from region to region?

Comments… EMCOMs class in Richmond google the JISCC it’s very cool to see; clear your call out west; in Michigan we didn’t ID the other ham on VHF QSOs all that much; Aerated feedlines fixed; English commonly spoken in ham radio and world travels (multiple commenters agreed Asia, Europe, ITU); Air Traffic Control; ARRL band plan East versus West; Ham radio culture is largely courteous and civil; 220 net and 220 ops

Announcements: Technician license class starts tomorrow night; Net control schedule is up to date on the website; 145.31 system is known by KI4AD

2M net report 19-July (thirteen checkins; scorcher but fun)

K4LRG Sunday Night 0030z to 0059z
13 Checkins
Topics: Heat, A/C, Saturday’s club meeting, The Comet, FT8 and Signalink USB, Soldering, Newly licensed, First time on the net, the Heat, 6am walking to avoid the heat, and so much more

WV8VAN – Van on an HT in Chantily
N7XUI – Stan on an HT
W4PSO – Mark and Gavin
KO4FIN – Brian on an HT (2nd antenna was booming; new ticket!!)
N4PDY – Mike
K2BFY – Henry
K0ZR – Jeff
K3WD – Bill
W0MPM – John
AD7FW – Roy
W3VAR – Chuck
W5ODJ – John
AB3KC – Collins (NC)

2M net report 14-June

K4LRG Sunday Night 2030hrs to 2100hrs
9 Checkins
Topics: station tear down and rebuild, multiple house and garage projects, home school, gramma school, satellites, homebrew antennas, LARG email reflector question, visiting family after months apart, dog cameo and news about a baby chick
Transmitters: 1 HT (5W from LOV), 8 Fixed Stations
N4PDY Mike
W4PMP Chris
K3WD Bill
W0MPM John
KS1G Steve
AB3KC Collins (NC)