2M net report 19-July (thirteen checkins; scorcher but fun)

K4LRG Sunday Night 0030z to 0059z
13 Checkins
Topics: Heat, A/C, Saturday’s club meeting, The Comet, FT8 and Signalink USB, Soldering, Newly licensed, First time on the net, the Heat, 6am walking to avoid the heat, and so much more

WV8VAN – Van on an HT in Chantily
N7XUI – Stan on an HT
W4PSO – Mark and Gavin
KO4FIN – Brian on an HT (2nd antenna was booming; new ticket!!)
N4PDY – Mike
K2BFY – Henry
K0ZR – Jeff
K3WD – Bill
W0MPM – John
AD7FW – Roy
W3VAR – Chuck
W5ODJ – John
AB3KC – Collins (NC)

2M net report 14-June

K4LRG Sunday Night 2030hrs to 2100hrs
9 Checkins
Topics: station tear down and rebuild, multiple house and garage projects, home school, gramma school, satellites, homebrew antennas, LARG email reflector question, visiting family after months apart, dog cameo and news about a baby chick
Transmitters: 1 HT (5W from LOV), 8 Fixed Stations
N4PDY Mike
W4PMP Chris
K3WD Bill
W0MPM John
KS1G Steve
AB3KC Collins (NC)

Sunday 2M Net Report

Easter Sunday Edition….

Topics tonight included Astron power supply upgrades, 10W mobile operation, Hatteras Island observations, and server dev ops supporting the JITSI open source videoconferencing tool (a more secure tool than zoom).

Announcements included an upcoming virtual club meeting next Saturday and a virtual Monday lunch meeting and the potential for a squall line weather event in the area early Monday morning. The net started at 8:30pm and closed around 8:50pm. Thanks for everyone who participated tonight.

Check-ins Tonight:
K3WD Bill
K2BFY Henry
N4PDY Mike
K4AIU Doug
KQ4CI Evan
KD4NYX Wendy
AB3KC Collins (NC)

Happy Easter and Stay Safe and 73!