2M Net 03-06-2022

The Net was convened 2030 local 145.31 77 Hz repeater. Check-ins:

  • K2BFY Henry
  • KO4SET Bill
  • K3WD Bill
  • N4JOO Manny
  • KB4PFY Roy
  • K5KVX Ray (in/out)
  • AB3KC Collins (Net Control)

Virginia QSO Party Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th

Winterfest March 27th (Annandale, Va)

Don’t forget our in person club meeting this Saturday March 12th. Our March 12 meeting will be in-person at Trinity Lutheran Church, 605 West Market St, Leesburg VA at 8:30am.

Navy tubes…. glowing tubes…. lots of vacuum tube stories

Net was secured 2057. 73 Collins AB3KC

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