2M Net 11-06-2022

The Net was convened 2000 local 145.31 repeater. Check-ins:

N4FSC Craig
K2BFY Henry
K3WD Bill
W5ODJ Bill
AB3KC Collins (net control)

Topics tonight: Virginia QSO Party (Sterling Park ARC) station categories and Venn diagrams for Mobile stations, Expedition stations and Rover stations. Virginia QSO Party scoring and validation systems, rules and headaches. Tape measure antennas -terrestrial and space. Warm November weather and hungry honey bees. Time conflict with the digi net but we managed. 2 data points is a trend on radar systems, aprs and voice calls. We also talked about Fortran as one does.

Net was secured 2037. 73 Collins AB3KC

The team tonight had some laughs and learned something on the air.

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