Field Day 2020 Recap – W5ODJ

It didn’t start with the normal hustle that comes with executing a well thought through plan.

In fact, it was pretty benign. I was in my chair at the beginning and tried to make a contact in the last minutes. Casual “Search and Pounce” was my M.O. for this event.

The bands were in such good shape! In particular 20 meters. My noise levels were very low on all of the bands with 80 being an exception. It was fun to hear everyone still out there trying to make as many contacts as they could. Getting a new contact was as easy as spinning the dial and logging.

100-200 contacts and at least 1 digital contact was my goal.

The times I was sitting at my desk I also left 146.52 open in my headset. I was surprised to hear all the chatter on that band this weekend. I ended up making 8 FD specific contacts on 2m simplex. A first for me. Lots of people were out on hikes and making FD contacts with HTs. I also talked to a few people outside of FD. That’s always fun.

Another goal I set for myself was a Field Day specific digital contact which I did in the last hour of the event. That’s not easy to do. If I do digital contesting and want to log and have control of the radio from two programs I have to work on some communications on my desk. Both the digital program and logging want to have access to the radio at the same time. I have the gear, just need to hook it up.

At 2pm today it was like someone turned the electricity off. All of the bands were empty again. This Field Day was over.

In spite of it being a Field Day of One I had a good time. The “clean up” will certainly be easy.

As I push away from my desk I wonder … maybe the hustle will return in 2021.



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