LARG 80 / 40M Digital Watering Hole report

We meet every Sunday evening from 19:30 to 20:00 local time utilizing the Olivia 500/8 protocol at or about 7.07325 MHz.

This net was started a little early with W0MPM calling CQ to see who was out there. Three of us joined this net:

  • W0MPM, John (NCS)
  • W5ODJ, John
  • W4PMP, Chris

We had a nice long net discussing various topics. The band was in good shape and the signals were strong and clear. 100% copy on all sides.

There is some discussion about using different protocols than Olivia. Some of the newer protocols are faster and use less bandwidth while at the same time provide similar or better low signal and high noise decoding. JS8 is one of those. These are still interactive protocols.

JS8Call 2.0 is now publicly available: Multiple transmission speeds, a new multi-decoder, typeahead functionality, and more. You can get the software here. Check out the latest information in the guide here. I’ve been in the beta testing program from the beginning and can tell you this software has really come a long way and very easy to use.

If you ever want to join we listen to both repeaters and can walk you through any troubleshooting you may be needing help with.

Everyone is welcome to join us and we hope to see you on the digital net.

For more information on this net please visit this page.

Have a great week!



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