LARG HF Digital Watering Hole net report.

Tonight a the prescribed time and frequency I called CQ to see who might want to join the LARG digital net using OLIVIA 8/500.

I was quickly rewarded by a call from Bryan (KG4UPR) in Delaware using his mobile rig on 40 meters followed by a call back from Bill (KJ4VTH) in Fairfax. Both of their SNRs were 25 dB at my QTH.

It’s been a while since I called the digital net and it was fun to have these guys on the other end of my call. Thanks for participating tonight, Bryan and Bill!

A reminder on the digital net:

We meet every Sunday evening from 19:30 to 20:00 local time. Winter (Standard Time: Nov-Mar) 3.58275 MHz. In the summer (Daylight Savings Time: Mar-Nov) we meet at 7.07325 MHz and that is where we were tonight.

NOTE: Net Control listens the 2-meter net frequency used by the Sunday 8:30 PM FM Radio net. Lately that has been 145.31. If you are having any difficulty call us on the repeater and we’ll do our best to help you get on the air for the net.

Everyone is welcome to join us and we hope to see you on the digital net.

For more information please visit this web page.



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