Sunday Nets Report May 9, 2021

Hi. We had good nets tonight. I was NCS for both the digital net and the 2m net. Those that checked in are as follows:


  1. AB3KC, Collins
  2. K3WD, Bill
  3. W5ODJ, John (NCS)


  1. N4PDY, Mike
  2. K2BFY, Henry
  3. WB6EFW, Scott
  4. K4BCR, Danny
  5. K0ZR, Jeff
  6. K3WD, Bill
  7. KO4MBI, Eric
  8. KO4PXG, John
  9. KO4OCN, Mike
  10. K4JB, Jim
  11. AD7FW, ROy
  12. KI4AD, Evan
  13. KO4NLY, Jason
  14. W5ODJ, John (NCS)

Some of the topics included:

NSS Station Towers (1200 feet tall)

There were two people who checked in for the first time (K45BCR and KO4NCY). Welcome to both of you guys. Hope to hear you on this and other nets in the future.

2021 13 Colonies Event

Everyone have a good week.



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