2M Net Rpt 1-10-2021

The Sunday 2M net was convened at 8:30 PM local time 1-10-2021 on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • K2BFY Henry Sterling Net Cntl, Net Mgr
  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • K9CQB Damon Leesburg
  • N4PDY Mike Sterling
  • KS1G Steve Herndon
  • W4PMP Chris Ashburn
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn
  • W4PSO Marc Ashburn
  • K0ZR Jeff Purcellville
  • KC3PIY Dietrich Germantown, MD
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • K6PS Paul Leesburg
  • KO4KFE Nick Ashburn
  • W5ODJ John Lovettsville
  • W6SJ Dave Sterling
  • AC3CW Mark Frederick, MD

Information was requested about the outdoor Dulles Radio Winter Field Day 2 PM local Jan 30 through 2 PM local Jan 31 in Ashburn. Info can be found at www.ki4ad.org. KO4KFE was congratulated for his first On the Air Contact today, as was KC3PIY for his first On the Air Digital Contact today on 145.31. Information was exchanged regarding JPole antennae and propane heat for garage and shed. The net was secured at 9:14. 73 KI4AD

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