2M Net 11-27-2022

The Net was convened 2000 local 145.31 repeater tone 77 Hz. Check-ins:

  • KI4AD Evan Net Ctl
  • K2BFY Henry Net Mgr & Alt Net Ctl
  • K3WD Bill
  • WA4KBM Kevin
  • KB4PFY Roy

Topics Tonight: We are looking for Net Control Operators. Henry asked about the LARG Holiday Party. We are happy to announce that the LARG Holiday Party will be held Saturday December 17 from 5 to 9 PM at W5ODJ John Westerman’s house. He and Gloria are wonderful generous hosts, and definitely have the best Holiday Party of the season. The Holiday Party will be held in lieu of the LARG Monthly Meeting. Bill noted the ongoing rescue effort of the two pilots stranded with their aircraft crashed into a power tower in Montgomery county. Bill also mentioned the DigiNet running late into the 2M net. It is suggested that the DigiNet be started a half hour earlier, or could be moved to Friday or Saturday, which would standardize all LARG net times to 8 PM local. Kevin confirmed that he will continue to be able to act as a Net Control. We were glad to welcome Roy KB4PFY to the net. Roy is a retired Chief Pilot for United Airlines. LARG has a number of pilots, including W5ODJ, N4FSC, and KQ4CI. Roy discussed the ongoing rescue operation in Montgomery County, and the crash of the B-17 and P-63 in Dallas.

The Net was secured 2020. 73

2M Net Rpt 8-21-2022

The Net was convened at 8 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • K2BFY Henry Net Ctl Sterling
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • WA4KBM Kevin Leesburg
  • KO4SET Bill Leesburg
  • KK6VRK Adam Potomac Falls Mobile & Hand Held

Kudos were given to Jim N4FAF and Dave KE4S for their excellent performance as Net Controls for the Century Ride, along with the rest of the LARG members who supported the event, including the emergency delivery of bananas. Bill K3WD told of the excellent results of the new tube for his linear. The Net was secured at 8:28 PM local. 73

220 Net Rpt 7-25-2022

The Net was convened 2000 local K3MAD repeater 224.2 MHz 123 Hz.

  • K3NOG Richard
  • N3RO Rick
  • KI4AD Evan

The Net was secured 2013 local. 73

2M Net Rpt 7-17-2022

The Net was convened 2000 local KI4AD repeater 145.31 MHz 77 Hz. Net Ctl was Henry K2BFY. Please note net start of 8 PM local to correspond in time of day with the other four LARG nets. Check ins:

  • K2BFY Henry Net Ctl
  • KI4AD Evan
  • K3WD Bill
  • W5ODJ John
  • AD7FW Roy

Topics included the recent storm which was hit and miss, X15 and Apollo 11 flights on this day in history, and excellent dental care for USN sailors. The Net was secured at 2020. 73

2M Net Rpt 4-17-2022

The Net was convened 2030 local KI4AD repeater 145.31 MHz 77 Hz.

  • K5KVX Ray Aldie Net Ctl
  • WA4KBM Kevin Leesburg
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn

Thanks to Ray for running the net. 73

2M Net Rpt 2-20-2022

The Net was convened 2030 local KI4AD 145.31 MHz 77 Hz repeater.

  • KI4AD Evan Hand Held Ashburn Net Ctl
  • KO4SET Bill Hand Held Leesburg
  • KD4HAX Joe Mobile Leesburg
  • K2BFY Henry Base Sterling Net Mgr
  • K3WD Bill Base Lovettsville
  • W0MPM John Base Leesburg
  • N4EUK Stephen Base Reston

KD4HAX discussed efforts to find a Ham friendly QTH just across the border in WV. There are non-HOA QTH available, and they are often a better investment, because they can be redeveloped. Real Estate will also be a good investment hedge against hyperinflation. K3WD is putting in solar power on his QTH. W0MPM verified that the Monday luncheon is still on at 11:30 at Wegman’s. The Net was secured at 2050. 73

2M Net Rpt 1-16-2022

The Net was convened 2030 local 145.31 77Hz repeater. Check Ins:

  • WA4KBM Kevin
  • N4JOO Manny
  • WB2UNA John
  • K3WD Bill
  • K4JB Jim
  • W0MPM John
  • KI4AD Evan Net Cnt

Net was secured at 2054. 73 Evan KI4AD

2M Net Rpt 11-28-2021

The Net was convened 2030 local 145.31 77 Hz Repeater. Check Ins:

  • K5KVX Ray Net Cnt Aldie
  • K2BFY Henry Net Mgr Sterling
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • W4HCP Tom Lovettsville
  • WA4KBM Kevin Leesburg
  • KI4AD Evan Alt Net Cnt Ashburn
  • KO4IIT Richard Leesburg

This was the first Net Control spot for Ray, K5KVX. He did a great job. The net was secured 2049. 73 K5KVX

2M Net Rpt 11-7-2021

The Net was convened 2030 local 145.31 77 Hz repeater. Check Ins:

  • KI4AD Evan Hand Held Ashburn (Net Cntl)
  • KN4YPC Ian Hand Held Leesburg
  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • K2BFY Henry Sterling
  • W4HCP Tom Lovettsville
  • KO4SEU David Leesburg
  • KC4RCR Rousseau Berryville

Topics discussed included in person plans for the Holidays, and a new ice cream named for Henry. The Net was secured at 2050. 73