2M Net 11-27-2022

The Net was convened 2000 local 145.31 repeater tone 77 Hz. Check-ins:

  • KI4AD Evan Net Ctl
  • K2BFY Henry Net Mgr & Alt Net Ctl
  • K3WD Bill
  • WA4KBM Kevin
  • KB4PFY Roy

Topics Tonight: We are looking for Net Control Operators. Henry asked about the LARG Holiday Party. We are happy to announce that the LARG Holiday Party will be held Saturday December 17 from 5 to 9 PM at W5ODJ John Westerman’s house. He and Gloria are wonderful generous hosts, and definitely have the best Holiday Party of the season. The Holiday Party will be held in lieu of the LARG Monthly Meeting. Bill noted the ongoing rescue effort of the two pilots stranded with their aircraft crashed into a power tower in Montgomery county. Bill also mentioned the DigiNet running late into the 2M net. It is suggested that the DigiNet be started a half hour earlier, or could be moved to Friday or Saturday, which would standardize all LARG net times to 8 PM local. Kevin confirmed that he will continue to be able to act as a Net Control. We were glad to welcome Roy KB4PFY to the net. Roy is a retired Chief Pilot for United Airlines. LARG has a number of pilots, including W5ODJ, N4FSC, and KQ4CI. Roy discussed the ongoing rescue operation in Montgomery County, and the crash of the B-17 and P-63 in Dallas.

The Net was secured 2020. 73

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