75m LARG HF Net

Thursday, April 30th, was a great net on 75m. Conditions were very favorable with nice low levels of noise. Those checking in included:

N4PD, KE4S, KG4UPR/m Delaware, W5ODJ, K8SYH, K9JRK (Joe of Columbus OH), KJ4VTH, and K3WD

Discussion about favorable conditions and upcoming operating events this weekend, i.e. 4 QSO party type events and a 10-10 contest on CW. Also updates on N4PD’s tower as well as progress being made by KE4S in getting his Steppir back on his tower and fully functional.

The 75m session closed near 8:30 pm and the 10m session ended at 8:40 PM.

W5ODJ and N4PD checked in on 28.405

K0ZR, Jeff, NCS for this week

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