ARISS Scheduling Update

The ARISS contact for LARG and LCPS has been scheduled for Tuesday at 1101 EST.

If you’re able to help with any of these periods please contact Steve KS1G or Paulson KG4TIH ASAP.

2019-10-221530TBDTransport equipment
2019-10-231530TBDSetup – Wiring & Radio
Must end before 2000
2019-10-2409001530Setup – A/V
2019-10-2415301700Dress Rehearsal
2019-10-28TBD1130Final preparations
2019-10-281151Monitor contact with other school
2019-10-290700TBDFinal setup and preparations
2019-10-29TBDProgram Start
2019-10-291111Estimated LOS
2019-10-291200TBDTear down and pack up

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