Inclement Weather Planning for January Meeting

Our annual meeting is scheduled for this coming Saturday. There is a threat of bad weather; our policy is that if there is an inch of snow (approximately) we should cancel the meeting. This is to allow the church easier clearing of the parking lot.

At the time of this notice, our plan in the event of inclement weather is to hold our meeting on the following Saturday, Jan 25 at the usual time. We do not have a formal alerting system if the meeting is canceled. Since the forecast is “iffy” at this time, I suggest you keep a check on the town of Leesburg closings and an ear open on 146.700 to determine if we will be meeting.

With this warning in mind, I look forward to seeing everyone show up for our election of new officers, whenever that happens. Remember, the members present will constitute a quorum, so please plan on being counted.

Happy 2020 de Dave KE4S

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