LARG Sun Night 2 Meter Net Report

The Net was convened at 2030 hours local. Check Ins:

  • KG4TIH Paulson Sterling
  • KI4FWB Kurt Lovettsville
  • K4JB Jim Ashburn
  • WB2UNA John Leesburg
  • N4PDY Mike Sterling
  • KS1G Steve Herndon
  • KD4HAX Joe Leesburg
  • AB3KC Collins Lovettsville
  • KQ4CI Evan Ashburn

Discussed bringing the WiresX AmericaLink UHF repeater back up with Paulson. Mike passed on that the Dayton Hamvention had been cancelled. Depressing to think that the Covid-19 debacle will last until mid May. Joe covered the role of the Loudoun Medical Reserve Corps in the Covid-19 war, and that there are now two strains, SARS-CoV-2 S which is the original zoogenic virus, and SARS-CoV-2 M, which has evolved to better match the human genome, and is thus more dangerous to us. Darwin wins. Emergency Response Teams are preparing for a 5 month activation. More up to date scientific information will be provided on the DMT Net, 145.31 77 Hz this Tuesday at 7 PM.

73 Evan KQ4CI

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