LARG Sunday Night 2-Meter Net Report

The most famous Sunday Night Net was held by the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group on 2-Meters FM on the WA4TXE/R on 146.700 MHz at 8:30 pm local time.

We had 13 people check in to the net tonight:

  • K9CQB, Damon
  • WB2UNA, John
  • W4PMP, Chris
  • N4PDY, Mike
  • KD4HAX, Joe
  • KD4NYX, Wendy
  • AB3KC, Collins
  • KK4TNO, Chas
  • KM4RSX, Archellious
  • W3OW, Bruce
  • N1NCY, Nancy
  • N4PD, Paul
  • W5ODJ, John (NCS)

A few things mentioned to highlight:

Apart from the weird problem we experience with the audio on the repeater the net was successful. Everyone who checked in had good signals into the repeater even if we couldn’t hear the audio at times. This is the reason we have these nets (to check to make sure things work properly).

This was the last 2-meter net of 2019. Thanks to everyone for checking in! I was happy to be the last minute net control station for the net. Have a happy new year celebration whatever that will be for you and be safe out there! We’ll see you all in 2020 somewhere.



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