Net Report: Thursday SSB, Apr 9 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 10APR 2020 Open 0000Z
Listening 3835 KHz for General class ops to check-in

K3SEN Dale, FL S9
N4CF Mike, Mineral, VA +20
KG4UPR/M Bryan, DE +5
K3WD Bill +10
K0ZR Jeff +20
AB3KC Collins S9
W5ODJ John +15
N0JSD John +10 on 3835
KJ4NXG Bob +5
W4PMP Chris +5
KE4S Dave, net control
Closed 0130Z

The net continued to 10 meters on 28.405. W5ODJ was NCS for that net and there was 1 checkin; AB3KC. There was a faint station in there but neither of us could make it out. After a few rounds we closed things down.

Another nice turnout tonight. Lots of discussion about the high winds and our bouts with cabin fever. Gotta love the breaks we get having this radio capability. I hope to hear more folks next week – please join us if you can.
73 de Dave KE4S

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