Thursday SSB Net Report 2 Apr 2020

80m – 3675 KHz on 03APR 2020 Open 0000Z
Listening 3835 KHz for General class ops to check-in
KG4UPR/M Bryan in DE S9
W3IP Mike +20
K8SYH Bill +5-10
W2YE Dick +10-15
AB3KC Collins S8
KoZR Jeff +15
W5ODJ John +10
KS1G Steve +15
K3WD Bill +10
N4PD Paul +20
KI2H Harry Purcellville S8
NC4S Gary NC +5
KJ4NXG Bob +10-15
AJ4TW Cameron in Greensboro NC
KE4S Dave, net control
Lots of participation tonight, filled with good comments and pleasant conversation. Great to hear the familiar voices as well as some new ones. Please join us next Thursday evening for another round.

Closed 0150Z for John to pick up on 10 meters.

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  1. We met on 10 meters at 28.405. There were 5 checkins there:

    W3IP, Mike
    AB3KC, Collins
    KS1G, Steve
    N4PD, Paul
    W5ODJ, John (NCS)

    After a couple of rounds the net was secured 10 or so minutes after we started there. Thanks to everyone who checked in tonight.



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