13 Colonies 2020

A quick reminder that the 13 Colonies event starts tomorrow. For more information on the event you can go here. 2020 Event Dates / July 1 (9AM Eastern) to July 7 (Midnight Eastern).

I’ll be operating one of the K2B stations. Of all of the contests I have done this one is the fastest pace by far. Because there are so few operators in Virginia our state, one of the original 13 colonies, is highly sought after.

Last year I had a rate of about 200 QSOs an hour. That’s one about every 18 seconds. I know that when I sit at my desk I have to be on my toes because they come at me fast.

While I am going to be operating I’ll also be getting the “Clean Sweep”. I enjoy doing this each year. Tracking down the bonus stations is always a hoot.

Spotting is not only allowed but encouraged. So if you hear me calling CQ give me a quick spot on DXSummit.

Maybe we’ll hear each other on the air this week!



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  1. John has a super HF signal (when groundwave cooperates and he’s beaming my way). I’ll add that the K2B QSL card is very nice-looking so it’s worth the effort!

    I’ll be putting K2B on satellites. Maryland (K2F) will also be on “the birds”.

    More info on the event at 13colonies.us.

    73 Steve KS1G

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