13 Colonies Recap

It took most of the week but I did finally manage to get all stations for the original 13 Colonies and the two extra stations.

They were tough this year! WM3PEN either used CW or FT8 every time I looked to see where they were operating. I did not have FT8 installed on my computer nor do I really know how to use it. I managed to install the software but was not successful in actually making it work in my favor. So I waited for CW which I finally accomplished tonight.

Speaking of CW I worked 4 of the 15 stations using CW this year. The Tuesday night nets really helped me get this done! I still need to get better at this mode but I’m doing OK with it. Enough to help in a contest anyway.

My log for 13 colonies 2020.

On the operator side of things I’ve managed to put in 6 hours of work this week. In that 6 hours I have worked 859 unique stations. That’s about 143 per hour. It gets pretty crazy at times.

K2B summary log from my station.

I hope to work another hour or two tomorrow. Maybe I can top off the list at 1000 for 2020.

This is always a fun event for me. This year was the hardest for me to finish but it was rewarding using some new skills to make it happen.



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