K0ZR & 13 Colonies

Ended up spending more time on this event than first envisioned. Did only CW, managing 1,252 QSOs. 40m was the “money band”. My attempts to “open-up” 10 & 15 m were ineffective as the numbers show.

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  1. Sounds like quite a bit of work, Jeff. I got all stations except NJ and VA (and GB13COL) in just a couple of hours. I was lucky enough to get both NJ and VA in the last few hours, within minutes of each other. I did not spend very long on the air, but was surprised that I almost never saw a spot for VA, and when I did, I heard not activity on that frequency. I did hear GB13COL the first night, but the pileup was huge and the pace very slow.

    1. Rick, when you worked K2B, actually “me”, I felt it was a miracle I was able to pull you through. I think your signal might have been bouncing off a weather front or something like that. I’m still surprised my noise levels were low enough to allow me to even hear the hint of a signal….. Why I don’t know, but rarely did someone post K2B while I was operating; I did the posts that were on the web….

  2. Nice work, Jeff and John. I only worked K2B one time, not sure who the op was at that time. I worked mostly CW and got the 15-station sweep on CW, but found the GB13COL was not often on CW (mostly SSB and some FT8) so it took a couple days to get him there. Thanks for putting in the time – I always enjoy the chase for this one.
    73 de Dave KE4S

  3. Congrats guys. I started chasing the 1st night (very glad I did) and I had most of the 13 by Friday, plus WM3PEN. K2M (PA) was the tough one – didn’t even or barely heard them until Sunday. I only heard GB13COL on Tuesday evening and there was no was I was busting that pileup.

    I also operated as K2B on satellites. Gave out 81 satellite QSOs, worked a few K2s (K2F on PO-101 on my first pass on Jul 1), and made a few midwest and west coast ops happy.

    73 Steve KS1G

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