2m Net 2021-02-14

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz. Check Ins:

  • N4PDY Mike
  • K2BFY Henry
  • AD7FW Roy
  • KM4EGM Luke
  • KC5CG Gump
  • K3WD Bill
  • W5ODJ John
  • KD4HAX Joe
  • KN4HOZ Steve
  • AB3KC Collins (net control)

Topics… Covid-19 Vaccinations, One Loudoun Farmer’s Market sausage and fermented pigs, hot coffee, the 10 meter net, new IC-7100 on the air, medical reserve corps. Announcements… Our next monthly meeting is Saturday morning, February 20th, 2021. 

The net was secured at 9pm.

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