2M Net Rpt 3-14-2021

The net was convened at 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz tone. Check Ins:

  • K2BFY Henry Sterling Net Mgr/Net Ctl
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn Alternate Net
  • W4PSO Marc Ashburn
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • WB6EFW Scott Ashburn
  • K0ZR Jeff Purcellville
  • AF4LL Bill Falls Ch
  • K3WD Bill Lovettsville
  • W5ODJ John Lovettsville

K2BFY gave a reminder concerning the VA QSO Party being held next weekend. Further discussion of Traveling-Wave Tubes and Magnetrons. The Net was secured at 9 PM. 73

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