2M Net Rpt 3-7-2021

The Net was convened 8:30 PM local on 145.31 77 Hz tone. Check Ins:

  • K2BFY Henry Sterling Net Mgr
  • KI4AD Evan Ashburn Net Cntl
  • WB6EFW Scott Ashburn Alt Net Cntl
  • N4PDY Mike Sterling
  • KO4MBI Eric Leesburg
  • AB3KC Collins Waterford
  • W4PSO Marc Ashburn
  • W4HCP Tom Leesburg
  • K0ZR Jeff Purcellville

K2BFY thanked the 2M Net team for continuing support. Kudos to WB6EFW and KO4MBI for upgrading to General, and to KO4MBI for first participation in a net. AB3KC made a very interesting report concerning a whistling incoming object which exploded at sunset Wednesday March 3, 2021 in the Waterford vicinity. Firefighters and LCSO Deputy responded, but there was no mention in the LCSO Incident Reports. A high powered commercial firework, or . . .? K0ZR reported poor HF band conditions. We’re all hoping for better as the solar cycle progresses. The net was secured at 9 PM. 73 KI4AD

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